Who Are We?

The Spotlight Couronne Internationale Inc. is a Personality Development Training Camp and Productions with a unique inspirational approach. The founder and producer of the Annual Calgary International Fashion and Arts Week. We have the eyes and experience, we have a burning passion for the fashion industry, modelling, pageants and that sets us apart from the pack. We are committed young professionals that promote a healthy lifestyle and community involvement.

Our commitment is to provide the essential key factors for your continuous growth, and learning. Your development is our mission. We strongly believe the importance of celebrating diversity. Every individual is different; therefore, all ages, style, ethnicity, gender and personality are encourages to join us if you think you might be the right fit to join our team.

The Executive Team

Limuel Hayag Vilela - CEO/International  Fashion Runway Model & Director

Alvin Masangkay Francia - COO/Creative Director

Ayen Evangelista - CFO

Team SCI

Gen Hardy - Make-Up Artist

Lois San Miguel - Hair Stylist

Hanea Allado - Music

Larry Kwon - Photographer

Rodia Thayyil Jose - Photographer

Noemi Loor - Lead Model


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Calgary International Fashion and Arts Week



Upcoming Events

Calgary International Fashion and Arts Week presents L.U.S.H. ( Lifestyle, Unconventional, Selfless, High-Fashion )